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Dry Plants

Policies & terms

Editing Agreement

The booking process will go as follows:

  1. Your submission through the Booking page

  2. Our discussion through email about the necessary work, due dates, and expectation for what will be delivered

    • This is also when you may request a paid editing sample

  3. I will send an invoice through PayPal with the editing agreement/contract attached

    • I won't begin work until I receive your digitally signed contract, even if I've received your deposit. If I don't receive the contract within 10 days, I will return 50% of your deposit and keep the rest as a cancellation fee.

  4. Final payment will be made before the final work is delivered, or over the course of the agreed-upon payment plan.

Returning Clients

I want to give you a chance to work with me through as many stages of edits as possible, rather than shopping around. If you work with me on your manuscript in the stages of developmental editing, you'll be entitled to a discount for each stage.

  • Stage One: full price

  • Stage Two: 5% off

  • Stage Three: 10% off

  • Stage Four: 15% off

    • The discounts cap at 15%.​

If you work with me on multiple books, you'll start with 5% off for the first stage and receive discounts up to 15%.

This applies to longer projects; short projects such as blog posts, short op-eds (<8,000 words), or fiction below 10 pages aren't covered.

Refusal of Service

I reserve the right to deny service to a client at any time for any reason. (The most likely will be down to the content of your project being upsetting without forewarning. I have a "Not For Me" section in my About page; those are hard lines.) In the case that I have to cancel service after beginning work, I will require payment for the work completed, which will be turned over after the payment is received through PayPal.

Not adhering to the ToS laid out on this site or in the contract/editing agreement sent with your invoice will be grounds for cancellation of services and a possible penalty fee of up to 20% of the full invoice.

Portfolio Pieces

I reserve the right to use portions of the tracked changes, comparative screenshots, and editing letters for my newsletter, blog, or general portfolio for showing to prospective clients, including on UpWork.

I will not own the rights to your original work, will not claim it as my own, or share a substantial amount of the project with other clients.


Deposits are completely non-refundable. If you pull out from the project and I've put work in, this is my way of protecting myself as a cancellation fee.

I will not begin work until I receive the 15% down payment due at the time you are invoiced.

The editing test fee (amount determined by package type) is also non-refundable, even if you choose not to hire me for the full project. If I am hired, the fee will go towards the final invoice ONLY if the test provided was a part of the full and final project.

Guarantee of Success

I cannot guarantee if you choose me to edit your work that you will get a publishing deal, an agent, or similar. Any copywriting or websites made cannot guarantee sales or anything similar.

Payment Plans

Especially for larger projects, payment plans are available. You can choose how often you'll make payments (weekly; biweekly) and set an amount to send each payment period. The invoice you receive will reflect the expected date for it to be paid off.

If you're worried about no longer being able to make payments, save up and hire me at a later date; if you face an emergency, I'll work with you to come up with a new plan. The balance will not be forgiven long-term and will need to be paid off with a reasonable due date.

If, however, you plan on paying the balance in full in one payment, I will send the completed deliverables after receiving the balance on PayPal. 

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