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  • What is light/medium/heavy editing?
    It's impossible to give a clear answer because it's subjective, but here's a rough idea of how I make my judgment. DEVELOPMENTAL: Light edits: You've gone through and covered most of your plot holes, your world building is strong, and you've assessed your character arcs. I'll mostly be suggesting ways to refine the final draft before copyediting. Medium edits: Your manuscript needs some restructuring. Scenes might need to be cut or moved around, plotholes might still need fixing, and your characters and world might need more development to have the depth to carry the plot. Heavy edits: This is for early drafts. The plot might still not be fully formed, the characters and world still need details, there might be flaws in logic leading to plotholes. Heavy edits will likely come with suggestions on how to do major rewrites. COPYEDITING: Light edits: Your grammar is already clean. This is largely checking for typos, double-checking punctuation, and cleaning up style. I use a modified Chicago style by default. Medium edits: This is for when your grammar is pretty good but you have some bad habits that need fixing and the style needs to be updated to fit the style guide. Heavy edits: This is for when your manuscript needs a lot of work; maybe you get homophones mixed up or you just throw caution to the wind when it comes to adding commas. Heavy edits plus line edits: If you need more comprehensive rewriting (swapping single words included in the other packages) on a sentence level, this is what you'll need. This is ideal for shorter projects, but I'm open to discussion for novel-length edits. If you're not sure about what level is appropriate for your project, we'll figure it out before we finalize the invoice.
  • Can I expedite your services?
    Sure! But please keep in mind that I charge a 30% rush fee on top of the base fee. If I have to reschedule other projects to fit you in, that might be subject to another fee to be determined on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you have a 76,500-word unedited draft that you need copyedited in five days, your invoice will look like this: 76,500 x $0.017 = $1,300.50 $1,300.50 x 30% = $325.13 $1,300.50 + $325.13 = $1690.65 total If you need your service expedited, it must be established upfront. What counts as an expedited service will be based on what's established as a base turn-around time in the package pages!
  • What if I'm not sure if my work has topics you won't read?
    Feel free to contact me or send the information through the booking page anyway! There's no obligation to work with me until the invoice is sent, so I'd be happy to talk with you over email to figure out of it's a project I'd be a good match with.
  • Are there any genres you won't read?
    There are genres or subjects that I'm not as familiar with, so I might not be the best person to help your project reach the next level? Contemporary, romance (as a genre, not as a subplot), political thrillers, historical, etc. are genres that I can and have read before, but they're not in my TBR pile as much as the genres I mention on my about page. Feel free to ask about it, though! If the story sounds really good, I'd probably be happy to take your project on.
  • What if I don't like your suggestions?
    You're not obligated to follow any of the changes or suggestions I make. However, consider why you hired/are considering hiring me: you thought I have the experience and knowledge to look at your work and give you feedback that you could trust. I always make a point of explaining why I'm making a suggestion so you can choose to accept the change or ignore it with the most information at hand. And if you're not sure, you can always ask for clarification! I'll justify why I think it's the right change to make, and you can make your informed decision in whatever direction you choose.
  • Do you do sample edits?
    Yes! The pricing and how much writing I'll sample for you is listed on each package's page under "What to Expect." The fee is non-refundable even if you don't hire me to work on the full project, but it carries over into the final invoice if the sample edit is a part of the full project (i.e. you sent me an excerpt of Mollycoddling Sandshrews and Mollycoddling Sandshrews is what you're hiring me to edit); a generic grammar test won't count.
  • How does your pricing work with multiple rounds of edits?
    The Terms of Service has some information about this! For each round of revisions, you'll get a new invoice.
  • Do I have to pay you if I don't take your suggestions?
    Yes. This is included in the terms of service and the editing contract. In short, you have to pay me for doing work. I will, however, work with you to find an alternate suggestion that works better for you and your project.
  • What if I need a payment plan?
    That's fine! I know independent creatives usually don't have cash to blow. However, we have to work out the terms of the payment plan BEFORE the invoice is sent. We'll work out a timeframe before we finalize the contract to make sure we're both comfortable with the payment plan.
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