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What to Expect

Copyediting is one of the last stages of editing your novel will go through. This is where you make sure it's technically correct; I'll go through your manuscript and correct the spelling, word choice, punctuation, and consistency according to the Chicago Manual of Style, the industry standard, with some in-house style choices.

Depending on the depth of work that needs to be done and the length of the project, copyedits could take anywhere from a few hours (in the case of blog posts, op-eds, web copy, etc.) or several weeks to complete. I use Word's track changes to suggest changes.

What Qualifies?

Anything you write should go through copyediting! Clear, effective communication is key, whether you're telling a story, selling a product, or sharing your ideas in an essay format. I'll suggest ways to get across your message by tweaking wording and also making sure you look like an authority worthy of listening to by wrangling your unruliest commas.

Sample Edits

I take up to 8 pages for a non-refundable $60. That fee will be put towards the price of the final project if you hire me.

Pricing & Deposits


  • Light edits: $0.0059 per word

  • Medium edits: $0.012 per word

  • Heavy edits: $0.017 per word


  • Light edits: $0.0079 per word

  • Medium edits: $0.027 per word

  • Heavy edits: $0.032 per word

At the time of booking or requesting a sample edit, I'll send you an invoice through PayPal. I take a 15% deposit due on receipt for a full edit and the full amount for a sample. I'll begin work after I receive the deposit and the signed editing agreement. Payment plans are available, but only if we agree on them beforehand!

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