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About me

Amanda has been editing since 2013 but started Bear Essentials Editing in early 2017 after coming up with the perfect bear-based pun. Despite still working to build a professional portfolio, Amanda has been editing and critiquing writing since she was a teenager. She even got an English degree to better develop those skills as a writer and editor.

As an editor, writer, and freelance copywriter, Amanda has worked on newsletters, audio transcripts, websites for small businesses, traditional transcribing, newsletters, and novels for independent authors.


  • Graduated from Temple University in 2013

    • Bachelor's Degree in English with a focus in ​literary analysis through a critical feminist/LGBT lens

  • Certifications from LinkedIn Learning

    • Advanced Grammar (2018)​

    • Editing Mastery: How to Edit Writing to Perfection (2018)

    • Writing: The Craft of Story (2018)

Other Experience


Office Desk

What I'm looking for

My real focus is and always has been working with independent authors. I love fun, quirky characters, plots that draw me in, subversion of tropes, romance that's founded on friendship, and especially LGBT and other marginalized identities throughout the story.


  • Fantasy

    • Dark fantasy​

    • Low/middle fantasy

    • Urban fantasy/paranormal

  • Thrillers/Mysteries

  • Horror

Special Interests

  • LGBT characters in genre fiction

    • Especially bi characters​

    • Especially NB/agender characters

      • (we love wlw in this house. we are wlw in this house)​

  • Ghosts

  • Witches/clever magic systems

  • Flipping villains to show that they were Right, Actually

    • (think Nancy from The Craft; she was right)

  • Dragons

Not for Me

  • Rape recovery

    • Think Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis or Exit, Pursued by a Bear​ by E. K. Johnston

  • Bigotry or sexual assault to give a marginalized person their phoenix moment

  • Incest or pedophilia/large age gaps (even if the younger is a teenager)

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